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At Mosaic Consulting, our mission is to provide services to your company of the highest quality at reasonable cost. This process begins with one overriding concept: effective communication. For today’s corporate legal departments, capturing, distilling and reporting on matter information is vital to their success. Equally vital is measuring the effectiveness of each practice area in managing and [...]

Who is Mosaic?

Mosaic Consulting provides expert consulting services to the corporate legal community. With a combined knowledge base of over 30 corporate legal automation projects [...]


Whether it is reducing dependence on outside counsel, minimizing litigation costs or measuring performance, today’s corporate legal departments are faced [...]


The term Business Intelligence represents the tools and systems that play a key role in the strategic planning process of an organization. These systems, typically [...]


Mosaic Consulting provides three additional services that can be packaged as components of our matter management offering, or that are available [...]

  • tMail

    The latest TeamConnect© plugin developed by Mosaic :

    • Auto-generate e-mail based on client specific criteria and templates
    • Want more control over email output (text/html)?
    • Merge ANY TeamConnect© data
    • Include attachments to predefined templates
    • Save time and money using automated communication
    Make TeamConnect© reach out to your users!

    Click here to learn more about what Mosaic’s tMail tool can do to save your company time and money…