Thomson Reuters Legal TrackerThomson Reuters Legal Tracker is the in-house profession’s most widely-used system for managing legal projects, both internally and through direct connections to outside counsel.  In-house counsel save significant time and money and can easily run management reports from the efficient online collection of bills, budgets, documents, status updates, accruals, and deadlines.  Many of the world’s largest law departments—as well as solo GCs and all of their outside counsel and other vendors—are among the 250,000+ Thomson Reuters Legal Tracker users in 192 countries. The profession’s latest best practices appear without cost in each Thomson Reuters Legal Tracker upgrade, incorporating proven ideas from the broad Thomson Reuters Legal Tracker user base.  With nothing to install, and connections already in place with virtually all corporate law firms, startup is quick, generating net savings in the first year of 5% to 15% of outside legal spending.  For more information, visit