Dan Hamilton – President and Co–Founder – Dan is the driving force behind Mosaic’s focus on law department process and knowledge change management.  Dan has 20 plus years of experience in the corporate legal industry.  Dan’s focus on all consulting projects is to approach knowledge management from a process as well as a systems perspective, with a thorough understanding of the unique and often complex issues that drive each client’s information management requirements.  Dan has played an integral role in the areas of network deployment and maintenance, document management systems, matter management implementation, and oversight, enhanced use of word processing forms generation, litigation support, personnel management, invoice processing and general office management.  In the 1990’s Dan expanded on his law firm experience by joining Mitratech.  Dan successfully parlayed his prior experience and successfully helped Mitratech grow their legal matter management solutions presence in the corporate and government law departments worldwide.  In 2000, Dan co founded Mosaic with the goal of applying his entire knowledge and experience to service the corporate law market with a hands on approach and partner mentality.  It has served Mosaic and its clients extremely well for the past 15 years.

Chris Wilson – Co-Founder and CTO – Chris has worked in the legal IT industry for 20 plus years.  Chris is the driving force behind technical and data analysis and is focused on applying his technical knowledge in the legal industry.  Chris has worked with countless Fortune 500 information services groups and legal departments.  Chris has spent the majority of these years assisting clients in the installation and integration of matter management systems, and in designing and utilizing business intelligence solutions that are usable and accurate.  Chris oversees a group that works with end-users and systems administrators and has gained enormous experience in various legal areas.  Chris’s extensive background with various IT systems, systems analysis, business information and technology has helped Mosaic mold client’s technology and business needs to maximize client’s ROI.

Alicia Hust  – Director of Operations– Alicia has been with Mosaic since 2010. She has played an integral role with Mosaic in delivering an offering which allows corporate legal departments to outsource the Thomson Reuters Tracker Coordinator responsibility. Thomson Reuters is one of Mosaic’s valued partners. This allows legal departments to have a knowledgeable individual who is dedicated to the success of Tracker within their legal department. Alicia has been instrumental in making this an extremely successful partnership.  In addition, Alicia heads up the development of client specific matter management and e-billing training. Alicia creates Mosaic’s training programs consist of a combination of on-site training, webinars and recorded videos.  Alicia’s team handles multiple projects for multiple clients. These responsibilities include developing and deploying training for new matter management and e-billing user and developing and updating matter management software. For the past four years Alicia has been the exclusive trainer on the TyMetrix T360 matter management platform for the GE Legal Department, worldwide.  To date, Alicia has trained over 1500 end users at GE.

Jeff Goldstein – Director of Sales & Business Development – Jeff joined Mosaic in the fall of 2014.  Pursuant to attending law school, Jeff worked at some of the most recognized large law firms in the United States.  His focus was spent in various capacities and various disciplines.  In the early 1990’s, while working on creating a database for a very large corporate bankruptcy reorganization,  Jeff realized his passion for software and solution applications would be well suited for consultative selling into the large legal department market.   His background and knowledge span all aspects of legal department needs and Jeff is a very recognized name in the industry. He has worked with a vast majority of the Fortune 500 and NLJ 250 legal department clientele.  Jeff is involved in all phases of directing the nationwide sales and business development efforts of Mosaic’s business.