Mosaic Consulting - Technical Services, Systems Integration - e-invoicing, accounts payable, matter management systemIn today’s environment, organizations are faced with a myriad of application interfacing and data sharing requirements, both internally and externally. The corporate legal environment is certainly no exception. An e-invoicing application may require current vendor information in order to validate invoices, which is housed within the organizations matter management system. An accounts payable application may require information on approved invoices from the e-invoicing application in order to produce vendor checks for payment.

Mosaic Consulting can provide the expertise that you need to seamlessly integrate your legal and non-legal applications. A given application will have very specific requirements in terms of the data it needs to receive. It then becomes a matter of identifying the fields in the sending system where the data resides and mapping them to the receiving systems required format. Once a design for the interface has been finalized, we will do the necessary programming and work with the required vendor (s) to test and implement the new interface. Within this context, Mosaic can also assist in determining the most efficient, effective means of transferring the data from one application and/or system to another.