Computer Based TrainingWe all know, no matter how large or small your company is employees come and go. How do you train your new employees? Do you hold a training class or maybe you request another employee show them the ropes? Wouldn’t it be great if they could enter into the system and train themselves on all of the areas they will need to know? Well now they can. Customized training videos can be tailored to a specific topic such as “Getting Started in TeamConnect”, “Matter Creation” and “Creating Contacts”. Our trainers can create a series of videos on multiple topics or a single video that covers one specific topic. These videos are most valuable do to the fact that your team can watch the videos that are important to their tasks or roles within TeamConnect as well as viewing them at their convenience.

Computer Based Training (CBT’s) is a great tool for your existing staff as well. If you are going through an upgrade or perhaps your company is new to TeamConnect this type of training will be a fantastic resource. Allowing your staff to train at their pace and concentrate on the material that is important to them. CBT’s also allow your staff the ability to go back over specific areas later on. This is very helpful if they change jobs or just need a reminded of how to properly complete a task.

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Computer Based Training