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Mosaic Consulting's legal department operations management consultants are improving the way corporate legal departments and law firms function so that they reach their operational potential through data, technology and outsourcing of business and legal processes.

Mosaic LDO consulting assists clients with all types of legal operations and technology initiatives. We assess your needs, make recommendations and implement changes.

Mosaic helps implement and streamline your matter management system with expert, thorough analysis, application evaluation, systems design and project management.

Mosaic provides the live, remote or recorded training you need to get your team up to speed. Whether technical or substantive, we will design and deliver training that suits your needs.

Mosaic helps you capture the right data, track the right metrics and generate the right reports that you need to ensure your legal business operates at top performance.

Mosaic optimizes your e-billing technology and workflow, allowing you to start realizing cost savings quickly.

Mosaic asseses your configurations, and optimizes them so that your legal operations eliminates massive administrative burdens, enables analysis and identifies strategic opportunities.

Mosaic's outsourced e-billing experts and systems administrators get to know your business and develop institutional knowledge providing you a high level of support.

Mosaic's IT team is all you will need to seamlessly integrate your matter management system with other legal and non-legal applications.

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Our Mission

It is our mission to aid our clients in setting the bar for legal operations standards. Through our services we ensure that our clients are operating at peak performance with the confidence that they are getting the most out of their legal systems as well as their department as a whole. Mosaic will provide a level of expertise, commitment and dedication that exceeds expectations and, most importantly, achieves results.

Our Team

Having over 75 years of combined experience in legal operations and technology, Mosaic Consulting provides expert consulting and outsourced services to the corporate legal community and to legal practitioners in general.

With Mosaic as a trusted advisor, our clients have realized millions of dollars in savings. Our expert analysis and keen ability to improve operational systems and processes drive not only cost reductions, but also added value.

"A rose by any other name"

Legal operations management, enterprise legal management (ELM), legal department operations (LDO) - whichever term you choose, our team has the experience, knowledge and expertise needed to solve the business challenges of running your law department.

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