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For Today's Corporate Legal Departments

Capturing, distilling & reporting on matter information is vital to their success

Matter Management

Reduce dependency on outside counsel, minimize litigation costs & measure performance.  The support we provide will enable your legal team to successfully meet the challenges of the 21st century corporate legal environment

Business Intelligence

Mosaic gathers, stores, accesses and analyzes large amounts of your corporate data to get metrics necessary to assess your legal department’s performance

System Training

Training your system administrators and end-users on the proper use of your new matter management system and associated applications is one of the most significant determining factors of long-term project success.

Our Mission

It is our mission to assist our clients in realizing true return-on-investment from their knowledge management projects. We pledge to provide a level of expertise, commitment and dedication that exceeds expectations and, most importantly, achieves results.

Our Team

With over sixty years of combined experience in the corporate legal field, Mosaic Consulting provides expert consulting services to the corporate legal community.

With staff based in Atlanta and Wisconsin, Mosaic’s core competencies include work flow process analysis, matter management, business intelligence, and technical services.

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