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Mosaic Consulting's legal department operations management consultants are improving the way corporate legal departments function so that they reach their operational potential through data, technology and outsourcing of business and legal processes.

Inconsistent legal operations processes and lack of strategic planning promote frustration and confusion for executive leadership, internal team members and your outside counsel. In our 17 years, Mosaic has assisted clients with many large legal operations initiatives. Mosaic LDO consulting will identify pitfalls. We will help you prioritize important, competing improvement projects and document new processes and changes. And as implementation is completed, Mosaic will train your team so that adoption of new technology and processes is not an issue.

Reducing costs and measuring performance—these and other top-of-mind challenges can be difficult to achieve. You need a matter management system along with streamlined processes that make sure you are using the system to its greatest potential. An industry leader, Mosaic Consulting makes this happen with expert, thorough analysis, application evaluation, systems design and project management. Mosaic will make sure your matter management systems are on the cutting edge to meet the challenges of legal practice in the 21st century.

A matter management system is a key part of your legal operations. But spending a lot of money on selecting and implementing a system is only the first step. To adopt new technology and processes, and show a return on investment, your organization needs process and systems training and support. Mosaic provides the training and support required to get your team up to speed, so you can start realizing that return.

The “Business of Law” is driven by data. Mosaic helps you gather, store, access and analyze large amounts of your operational information to help you unlock the value of your data. Mosaic will help you capture the right data. And we make sure you are tracking the right metrics and getting the reporting you need to ensure that the business end of your legal practice is operating at peak performance.

E-billing initiatives are the single most efficient ways to decrease your departments’ spending.  Most Mosaic Consulting clients have had ample room for improvement in their e-billing systems and processes. We will optimize your e-billing technology and workflows so you can start to realize cost savings as quickly as possible. Additionally, we will make sure your Outside Counsel Billing Guidelines are up to industry standards and help ensure compliance. And if you need help with e-billing resources, Mosaic can assist with that too.

Matter management systems provide opportunities to drive efficiency and savings in your legal department operations. They enable easy access to all data relating to your workload and spending, eliminating massive administrative burdens. And they enable analysis and identification of strategic opportunities. But to do all this, they must be tuned to your operations and used consistently. Mosaic will assess your systems' configurations, workflows and how you use your systems. Then, we will optimize them for your unique operations.

Mosaic provides outsourced systems and e-billing experts to supplement and collaborate with your legal operations team. Our outsourcing assigns you a dedicated team member who understands your processes, systems and how your team works together. Your Mosaic team member gets to know your business and develops institutional knowledge providing you the highest level of support possible.

Mosaic's IT team is all you will need to seamlessly integrate your matter management system with other legal and non-legal applications. Mosaic will also handle all your data conversion and transfer needs. Our IT professionals are experts in determining and implementing the most efficient, effective means of converting and transferring your data from one application or system to another.

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Our Mission

It is our mission to aid our clients in setting the bar for legal operations standards. Through our services we ensure that our clients are operating at peak performance with the confidence that they are getting the most out of their legal systems as well as their department as a whole. Mosaic will provide a level of expertise, commitment and dedication that exceeds expectations and, most importantly, achieves results.

Our Team

With over 75 years of combined experience in legal operations and technology, Mosaic Consulting provides expert consulting and outsourced services to the corporate legal community and to legal practitioners in general.


"A rose by any other name" 
Legal operations management, enterprise legal management (ELM), legal department operations (LDO) - whatever the term, our team has the experience, knowledge and expertise needed to solve the business challenges of running your law department.


Headquartered near Atlanta, Mosaic’s team are experts in legal billing; workflow process analysis and design; matter management; business intelligence; knowledge management; technical services; training programs; and outsourced services.

With Mosaic as a trusted advisor, our clients have realized millions of dollars in savings. Our expert analysis and keen ability to improve operational systems and processes drive the cost reductions our clients want.

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