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Legal Business Intelligence

Let us show you the value of Business Intelligence in measuring and improving your performance against numerous benchmarks.

End User Training

 We conduct workshops that help reinforce what the students have learned, increases their confidence in Business Objects™ as a reporting tool and leaves the client with several reports already built.

Report Construction

We assist users in determining what reports are needed, as well as making recommendations on modifications or improvements to the reports being requested.

Report Configuration

Our technical staff are experts in the installation & configuration of Business Objects™ on an Enterprise level. We assist in generating a global understanding of security, networking and user needs.

Universe Analysis

We perform comprehensive analysis of your company’s data to aid you in the design of your Universe(s) in order to maximize your ability to efficiently access and report on relevant information in a meaningful way.

Universe Design Training

We train your designated users how to modify existing universes and create new ones. If you currently lack in-house talent for this, Mosaic is able to provide universe support and maintenance that meets your needs.

Universe Support

If your company lacks Business Objects™ in-house expertise, Mosaic can help. With years of experience in supporting Business Objects for Fortune 500 companies, we tailor a support agreement that will keep your Business Objects Universe up-to-date and functioning properly.

Business Intelligence

The term Business Intelligence represents the tools and systems that play a key role in the strategic planning process of an organization. These systems, typically consisting of a data warehouse and special software tools, allow a company to gather, store, access and analyze large amounts of corporate data to aid in decision-making. Corporate legal departments are increasingly realizing the value of Business Intelligence in measuring and improving their performance against numerous benchmarks.

Mosaic Consulting can help your corporate legal department put in place Business Intelligence tools that can provide the basis for making sound business decisions. Utilizing our expertise in Business Objects, the premier business intelligence tool, Mosaic will work with your department to design and implement the most productive data structures and reports, giving your organization the metrics necessary to assess your legal department’s performance.

Financial Planning Accounting Report Spreadsheet Concept

Technical Services

Mosaic provides the expertise that you need to seamlessly integrate your legal and non-legal applications. A given application will have very specific requirements in terms of the data it needs to receive. It then becomes a matter of identifying the fields in the sending system where the data resides and mapping them to the receiving systems required format. Once a design for the interface has been finalized, we will do the necessary programming and work with the required vendor (s) to test and implement the new interface. Within this context, Mosaic can also assist in determining the most efficient, effective means of transferring the data from one application and/or system to another.

Data Conversion
Systems Integration

Our Skills & Experience

Business Objects
Team Connect
Project Management

By always employing quality processes, we never lose sight of the project objectives.

Possessing a unique combination of technical and management skills, as well as proven experience in the corporate legal environment, we are well equipped to provide the expertise needed to successfully implement and support various matter management, reporting and e-billing solutions.

Through effective communication and a commitment to understanding your specific needs, it is our pledge to earn and maintain your confidence and to serve as an advocate in supporting your information management requirements long into the future.

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