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Legal Business Intelligence

Let us show you the value of Business Intelligence in measuring and improving your legal operation's performance against benchmarks and key performance indicators.


Our technical staff are experts in the installation and configuration of a variety of reporting tools as well as data warehouse configurations. We build business intelligence platforms to maximize the logical relationship to the source user interface. In doing so, report writers are empowered to accurately and efficiently respond to your team's reporting requests and requirements.

Report Writing

If your team lacks the resources to build reports internally, then Mosaic's business intelligence experts can fill the role. In building reports for our clients, we focus first on the underlying data infrastructure to ensure accuracy in data retrieval. We then make recommendations to best leverage the information available, and identify areas where data quality can be enhanced.


Mosaic reporting workshops are designed to provide attendees with a practical understanding of their report writing tool. We utilize a hands-on approach and have participants build reports based on your real world needs. By building actual reports that they can use, your legal operations staff leave training with the confidence that they can respond to the requirements of your organization.

Business Intelligence

The term Business Intelligence represents the tools and systems that play a key role in the strategic planning process of an organization. These systems, typically consisting of a data warehouse and special software tools, allow a company to gather, store, access and analyze large amounts of corporate data to aid in decision-making. Corporate legal departments are increasingly realizing the value of Business Intelligence in measuring and improving their performance against numerous benchmarks and key performance indicators.

Mosaic Consulting can help your corporate legal department put in place Business Intelligence tools that can provide the basis for making sound business decisions. Utilizing our expertise in business intelligence tools, Mosaic will work with your department to design and implement the most productive data structures and reports, giving your organization the metrics necessary to assess your legal department’s performance.

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