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Corporate Legal Matter Management

Manage risk and ensure regulatory compliance

Analysis & Systems Design

Mosaic applies our experience in law office management and the application of technology, and evaluates your information workflow throughout its complete life cycle.

Application Evaluation

Mosaic helps you quickly cut through the myriad of applications and solutions available to find the system that best meets all the requirements your company demands.

Project Management

Every Mosaic implementation is managed by a PMP® – certified project manager who possesses a solid foundation of project management knowledge and experience.

Custom Documentation

No company wants to become bound to a consulting firm for an indefinite period of time in order to continue benefiting from a new system. The key to achieving reasonable self-sufficiency is documentation.

Standard end-user reference manuals provided by software vendors are rarely adequate to meet this objective. This is because the documentation does not address the client’s specific configuration and use of the application.

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Mosaic Consulting addresses this need by designing materials that speak to the specific workflow procedures addressed in the development phase of your project.

The result is documentation that can be used to train new staff and will serve as a reference to answer specific questions existing users may have as they continue enhancing their knowledge of the applications.

Technical Services

Mosaic provides the expertise that you need to seamlessly integrate your legal and non-legal applications. A given application will have very specific requirements in terms of the data it needs to receive. It then becomes a matter of identifying the fields in the sending system where the data resides and mapping them to the receiving systems required format. Once a design for the interface has been finalized, we will do the necessary programming and work with the required vendor (s) to test and implement the new interface. Within this context, Mosaic can also assist in determining the most efficient, effective means of transferring the data from one application and/or system to another.

Data Conversion
Systems Integration

Our Skills & Experience

Business Objects
Team Connect
Project Management

By always employing quality processes, we never lose sight of the project objectives.

Possessing a unique combination of technical and management skills, as well as proven experience in the corporate legal environment, we are well equipped to provide the expertise needed to successfully implement and support various matter management, reporting and e-billing solutions.

Through effective communication and a commitment to understanding your specific needs, it is our pledge to earn and maintain your confidence and to serve as an advocate in supporting your information management requirements long into the future.

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