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Technical Services

Data Conversion and Systems Integration of legal and non-legal applications

Our Specialties

Data Conversion

If your requirements call for converting matter information between legal applications, Mosaic Consulting can provide you with the necessary expertise. We will work directly with your staff to ensure that each field of data is properly defined and is clearly mapped to the appropriate location in the receiving database. Within the context of a matter management implementation, we will help you identify fields that are not being used in your legacy application.

Eliminating unnecessary fields in the new application will reduce system overhead since these fields will no longer have to be maintained. Through extensive testing and end user validation, we can identify and correct data errors before the actual conversion takes place. Data conversions will generally require various levels of participation from your staff. Mosaic will identify and coordinate these resources in order to effectively produce the results promised.

Systems Integration

Technical Services

Mosaic Consulting provides additional services that can be packaged as components of our matter management offering, or that are available as standalone services. We offer Data Conversion and Systems Integration of legal and non-legal applications.





Our Skills & Experience

Business Objects
Team Connect
Project Management

By always employing quality processes, we never lose sight of the project objectives.

Possessing a unique combination of technical and management skills, as well as proven experience in the corporate legal environment, we are well equipped to provide the expertise needed to successfully implement and support various matter management, reporting and e-billing solutions.

Through effective communication and a commitment to understanding your specific needs, it is our pledge to earn and maintain your confidence and to serve as an advocate in supporting your information management requirements long into the future.

Our Mission

It is our mission to assist our clients in realizing true return-on-investment from their knowledge management projects. We pledge to provide a level of expertise, commitment and dedication that exceeds expectations and, most importantly, achieves results.

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